Welcome to CATLi

Welcome to CATLi the training library for the Contact Centre industry.

  • Have you got difficult agents in your team?
  • Do your team members ask you the same questions more than once?
  • Do agents in your team resist change?
  • Do you have to recruit, induct and train new starters?
  • Do you want to know the easiest ways to change agent behaviour?
  • Do you want to know ways that technology can save you time and money?
  • Do you want to create a clear talent strategy to keep hold of your best performers?
  • Do you want to improve call quality and customer experience?

If just one of these questions made you say 'yes' then you are in the right place!

This library helps contact centre team leaders like you to solve people problems, get  the best from your team, to improve call quality and work efficiently to boost results for the contact centre.

This library contains training videos, resource guides, tips, ideas and answers to some of the most challenging elements of working in a contact centre.

From here you can gain exclusive access to 5 e-masterclasses with Carolyn Blunt (Most Respected Person in the UK Contact Centre Industry*) and co-author of Delivering Effective Social Customer Service.

Carolyn's personal message to you:

'I've been thinking about you.  Contact Centre team leaders have a hard job juggling  the challenges of people management, quality, sales and efficiency. I meet and work with team leaders who tell me over and over that their time and energy is sucked out of them by underperformers, clunky processes and outdated technology.

So I have created this online material so you get solutions without leaving your desk.

I personally guarantee that from completing this series you will get clear insight and an actionable plan to get real results from joining this library.



Contact Center Masterclass Subscription 1-5 Person License

In this series of 5 master classes Carolyn Blunt, contact centre and customer services champion, shares 15 years of people development and contact centre experience with you. Access 5 video webinar sessions, each 45 minutes to an hour long on the following subjects:

  • Achieving High Performance
  • Building and Retaining the Dream Team
  • Reducing Average Handling Time
  • Personalising the Customer Experience
  • Feedback, Training and Coaching for Quality

Accompanying each webinar are resource guides and other useful documentation and tips to ensure you maximise your return on investment.

This subscription provides access to up to 5 people for one fixed price. A single login is provided for the 5 people to use. If you need a subscription for more than 5 people then you will need to buy multiple subscriptions.